Anger Management Counseling

Individual, group & family counseling offered as well as Life Coaching, Workshops & Presentations


Understanding & Using Anger Management Skills


There is no magic formula for a more satisfactory approach to the problem of dealing effectively with your anger. However, there are concepts and principled that when learned and applied have proven to be helpful.

Anger management concepts and principles can be learned and applied to control anger when we experience anger igniting life situations. It is realistic to set goals for more wise and skillful control of anger.


Learning to cope with the things that trigger the anger emotion is key to successfully dealing with anger management. Recognizing the stressors is another key component in treating any emotional dysfunction, particularly anger. Finances, divorce, marriage stress, employment and everyday living for some of us can lead to us not expressing our emotions appropriately. Social problems occur and this is where Providence Counseling will assess the emotional and physical signs such as teenage rebellion, truancy, addictions and other behavioral problems.

Providence Counseling has concepts in place to help diagnose and assist in behavioral problems at school and home. We offer couples therapy, teenage counseling and other therapy sessions dealing with behavior issues. Anger is a normal and healthy emotion when expressed appropriately.




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