November 13, 2018

I will be one of the presenters for the Love Remix Couples Retreat and Staycation, here is a message for everyone that is attending! 

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Feb 16-17, 2019
Dallas, Texas

February 18, 2016



To have growing and healthy relationships, the compassionate component in relationships cannot be overlooked nor denied.  For a relationship to develop and sustain in a healthy manner, attention must be given to our capacity for compassion.  All long lasting relation...

February 10, 2016



One of life’s greatest challenges is to successfully regulate emotions.  We all have the capacity and potential for our emotions to control our actions.  And more often than not, in retrospect we regret our actions when they are controlled by our negative and hurtful...


Hope of Healing for Teens Who Struggle with Substance Abuse


I hold out the notion that there is hope for the teen; who is abusing substances, who is caught up in the cycle of self-deceiving, possibly even self-destructive behaviors off substance use/abuse.  Ultimately...

November 15, 2015

Substance Use Counseling "Finding Hope"


Finding hope for the recovery of teenagers struggling with substance use and abuse is a real possibility.  The struggle with substance use for teens is a fierce struggle indeed, but this is a battle that can be won when a teenag...

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