Couples/Marital COunseling




The basic idea has to do with the way couples make attempts at emotional communication for closeness, and how couples respond or fail to respond to these attempts.   Awareness of emotions helps us to examine what may be missing in communication and what mismatches exist between couples when each communicates there needs.



Mindful of the Moments


  • Examine how you express your desire for emotional closeness and how you respond to the desire of others for emotional closeness.

  • Increase awareness of your brains emotional automatic scripts and how they affect you expressions for emotional closeness and responses to the expressions of others for closeness.

  • Increase awareness of you emotional heritage and how it impacts your ability to connect.

  • Enhance you emotional communication skills



Deciding how to Respond to expressions of desired Connection and Closeness


  • Turning Toward- react in a positive way to another’s expressed desire for connection.

  • Turning Against-react by being belligerent or argumentative.

  • Turning Away- react by in ignoring expressions for closeness or acting preoccupied.

Habitually turning away or turning against will result in disconnection, living without emotional closeness; disconnection can cause a relationship to disintegrate.