Workshop Topics:


1. Why Habits Are So Difficult To Break 

2. The Motivation To Create New Habits 

3. Strategies For Creating New Habits 

4. Strategies For Sustaining New Habits 

5. Optimizing New Habits For Greater Hopefulness 



Yes you can! Replace old unhealthy habits, by creating new healthy habits. Change your habits to change your life. Create habits that increase hopefulness in your life. This empowering workshop is transformational; it will open the way for transformational living.


Whether your desire is to start saving money, to work more efficiently, to stop drinking or smoking; or to decrease the consumption of these, or to end any self-defeating or addictive behavors, this workshop will help you implement powerful personal change for life.



Habits of Hopefulness Workshop


July 22nd

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11:00am - 2:00pm

1333 W McDermott Ste 200

Allen, TX 75013

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