Individual COunseling



Aha Moment


Aha moment: Endorphin rush that gives us a momentary/temporary high from the experience of making a discovery.


The challenge is to make that discovery active and not simply a passive experience.  Thus it is our challenge to make what we know (aha moment) into an actual experience- and not to allow it to be stagnant as inactive knowing.  Learning without change.


Knowing and awareness the negative aspects does not stop the impulsive act of lets say, binge eating.  Knowing that we at times eat for comfort when we are emotionally upset can give us justification or reason for the behavior with changing the behavior.


The key to moving from inactive knowing to active knowing then is to understand our mental roadmaps that keep us stuck at inactive knowing and writing new mental roadmaps that help us develop in order to sustain behavioral change.

Greater self-awareness of our mental roadmaps that hinder change and keep us locked in negative behavioral patterns and greater awareness of potential of the brain to create new positive mental roadmaps leads to increased fulfillment in life.