Enhance Emotional Regulation

One of life’s greatest challenges is to successfully regulate emotions. We all have the capacity and potential for our emotions to control our actions. And more often than not, in retrospect we regret our actions when they are controlled by our negative and hurtful emotions. Emotions do not force us to behave in certain ways; they only make it more likely that we will do so.

Emotions are triggered virtually automatic, as when we see, and emotionally respond to a large snake. Emotional regulation is a life long process of skill development. There are innumerable strategies for emotional regulation in print, many of them proven to be effective. So, speaking from a broader place than strategy and approach; and touching on a more universal element and aspect to success with emotional regulation; I would say that the successful emotion regulation is a Balancing Process, between change and acceptance.

Balancing what emotion to change, and what emotion to accept is a universal challenge and opportunity; accepting emotions can be an opportunity even when the emotion is painful! This balancing process calls us to change emotions that have protected us in the past, and accept emotions that have been painful to us in the past. Enhancing emotional regulation is a balancing process!


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